The Holiday Collection of Stores at Port Charlotte Town Center

The Following Holiday Stores are Now Open!

  • Sportula- Located at Center Court near Marks and Morgan Jewelers
  • Polar-X Ornaments -  Cart is located at Center Court near Starbucks
  • Shen Yun - Display located at Food Court
  • I-Stone Hair Straighteners I-Stone Vape I-Stone Leggings /  I-Stone LED Shoes /  I-Stone Toys / I-Stone Heat Packs &  Massagers / I-Stone Bamboo  - Carts are located between Justice and Footlocker.

  • Three Sister Glass - Located near Old Navy
  • ZOOmarounds - Located at JCPenney Court
  • Hickory Farms - Located near Rack Room Shoes
  • Mr. Smada's Old Fashioned Puzzles and Games - Located near FYE and Yankee Candle
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping - Sponsored by the Women's Club. Located at Food Court, next to Subway 
  • GO Calendars - Located near Champs and FYE